Friday, August 12, 2011

My Holiday

During the holidays I had to stay with my older sister and my younger sister with her two sons and her husband Michael. I had to stay with my older sister at home because my Mum went with Waterlily to practice her psalm at my uncle’s house. My older sister told her husband Micheal to go pakn’n’ save to buy some food, When he came back he came with one mousse one coke one grape and 2 chips and ice-cream and a biscuit. My sister went to cover the blinds with a bed sheet and after covering the blind she went and turned the TV on. And watched rugby the people who were playing was all blacks vs Fiji while we were watching we were eating to I was full of the chips and mousse. And then we saw the points and it was 20 to 11 then the rugby game finished then my sister said that I have to go sleep.


Monday was the cool day for swimming when group A finished group B went to the swimming pool next. When we had to climb up the stairs we had to wash our our feet in the bucket then we had to go into the pool quietly we had to go to the end of the pool. Mr Burton said that he is gonna split us into a shark and dolphin when he picked the teams Sefesi,Siniva,Lose was in the sharks and the people who were in the shark was Deja,Julia,Johna,Dawn. We had to do some activities with Mr Burton and Miss Oldfield Mr Burton was with sharks and Miss Oldfield was with the dolphins sharks were running back and forward in the pool. Dolphins were having a challenge who could Ly on their back on After doing the activities we had 1 minute free time after us was room 8 they were swimming after us.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Kite Making

Making Kites

It was a bad day, when the bell rang we had to go to the hall. It was just Room 3 to Room 6, when we went into the hall and Mr Coakley said that we had to wait for the Matariki people to come in the hall. When we saw people walking, I thought they were like, wow this is a big school. They came with a big box with lots of papers and sellotape and strings. Mr Coakley introduced them to us and said “This is Ally, she’s going to tell you some information about kites.” She came with papers to the front and on it were countries that had kites. She said that China had the longest kite and they weren’t allowed to fly it because if they put it up in the air it might take everyone up into the sky. She also said after this that we could make some kites, all we needed was paper, sellotape and string. She said “If you are waiting for the sellotape and string you can start decorating your kite. On my kite was Laurence, Alex, Antonio and then I coloured them all. When Ally says “whakarongo mai” we have to say “titiro mai” back to her and she will know that we are looking at her. Then she says some rules and the rules were no screaming in the hall, if you need help just tell the person next to you now start decorating our kite before we waste our fun time. So we started to finish our kite. When we finished Ally said that we had time to fly the kites class by class. The first room to fly there kite was Room 3 when they were running around the hall they all screamed ‘’YEAH’’ the second class was Room 6 we all ran around the hall and screaming ‘’YEAH’’ Room 5 ran screaming ‘’YEAH’’ then last but not least Room 4 when they were running around the hall the bell rang for lunch time we didn’t get to fly our kites outside because it was raining.

The End

Monday, July 4, 2011


I like having a blog so people can read it and make some good comments about it. This is a learning blog so you can post your own writing on it. Having an audience reading it is good so they can say this person has done great writing. It is a place where you post all your work that belongs to you.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Breaking News

This is a news report about food and eating in class.  Check out my opinions and see if you can decide on some of your own.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day

On a hot puffing Friday it was St Patrick's day. Room 6 had to line up out side next to room7 so when we sit down our soul friends come and sat down next to us. Room6 was so noisy and Miss Pole told us to be quiet so we could be the best two classes. We waited for our soul friends, I was just whispering to my soul friend to be good in the church. When we finished lining up we went into the church and sat on the chair until it started. The song came on and father came up with the altar servers then room 1 all the way to room7 were singing the song ‘Oh little shamrock, Patrick’s shamrock’. Some people were talking in church and they had to make Miss Oldfield come around and say to be quiet. When we finished singing it was nearly blessing time, then someone came up with the cross and the bread and wine and they keep on going until they got up to the alter and gave it to Father Iosefa and the people that helps him. When father got it they went to bless the bread and wine so when the people drink it and eat it they will be blessed. When it was blessing time we all got blessed. When we finished our final song came on and Father and his helpers walked out side. We came and lined up and went inside the classroom, but Mr Gaffney forgot half of the class inside the church so Miss Oldfield went and walked them back to class and she told Mr Gaffney that he forgot some of his class in the church and then he started to laugh with his class. He said “sorry about that and thank you for bringing them back”, and then Miss Oldfield came and brang us back to class and did some work. Whiling we were doing work the bell rang for morning tea time and then Miss Oldfield said to go and get our lunch and sit outside with it.