Friday, August 12, 2011

My Holiday

During the holidays I had to stay with my older sister and my younger sister with her two sons and her husband Michael. I had to stay with my older sister at home because my Mum went with Waterlily to practice her psalm at my uncle’s house. My older sister told her husband Micheal to go pakn’n’ save to buy some food, When he came back he came with one mousse one coke one grape and 2 chips and ice-cream and a biscuit. My sister went to cover the blinds with a bed sheet and after covering the blind she went and turned the TV on. And watched rugby the people who were playing was all blacks vs Fiji while we were watching we were eating to I was full of the chips and mousse. And then we saw the points and it was 20 to 11 then the rugby game finished then my sister said that I have to go sleep.

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