Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Journey in Saint Pius ~ Reflection

The time has come to where the year has nearly ended. My Journey here at Saint Pius has been amazing and challenging, From room 1 yr 0 to Room 7 yr 8, I had learnt so many things, From wrong to right. My child hood has so many memories to remember but not to forget. All the good things that had happened to me through out the years have been collected and put into my memory box, I could never stop loving this school because we advance in Faith, Hope and Love together as one family. Even though we have our ups and down we always tend to forgive and forget. I thank the Lord for guiding me throughout these 9 years without failing. I also want to thank the teachers for their support even though we were being little rascals. We only have 2 days and we have graduated from Intermediate. We will now take a big step into another world. My highlight of this year was going to Camp we all had experienced something for our learning out side.

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