Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Monique's holiday


What Monique did during her holiday was going Rainbows End. Also she went to the movies on Saturday and Spookers on Monday. But the thing she didn’t like was staying home and cleaning.

Her highlight is watching Pacific Rim with her siblings and Aunty because it was sad in the beginning but getting interesting in the middle.

One of Monique’s low light is staying home and cleaning because she wakes up late while everyone finishes their duty.

Moniques dream in the holiday was to go Australia and visit her family and go shopping


  1. Hello and I just want to say Well Done just because you have done great work on your holiday writing....maybe next time you can use more words and like more than 4 paragraphs.... keep up the great work:)

  2. Hello Lose..... What a interesting Recount about Monique's holiday. Next time you could read the recount before you post it to your blog, but it was still good:)
    Keep up the great work:-)