Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My story

Talofa lava I am Lose, I am the 3rd youngest out of 8 kids and my mum is a single women. When I was 5 years old my mother sent me to Saint Pius X Catholic school where my other siblings went too. My favourite thing that I like to do is singing so I can  be in a band. When I get back from school I like to start off with my homework and finish it off so I get more time playing outside with my 2 younger siblings.

Explain Hero
My hero is my Mum, She is always looking after me and helping me with my homework. My mum is always making sure I don’t get hurt from anyone . The other thing she told me was to BELIEVE IN MYSELF AND FOLLOW MY DREAMS, IF I DO THEN MY DREAMS WILL COME TRUE.

In my career I want to be a doctor, WHY?, because first I want to save people’s lives and second I want them to get back up on their feet and continue their dreams.

I want a 2 story house and a pool stuck together, also I want an enormous play group to help out mothers so they can have time out and to rest their mind and body.

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