Friday, August 12, 2011


Monday was the cool day for swimming when group A finished group B went to the swimming pool next. When we had to climb up the stairs we had to wash our our feet in the bucket then we had to go into the pool quietly we had to go to the end of the pool. Mr Burton said that he is gonna split us into a shark and dolphin when he picked the teams Sefesi,Siniva,Lose was in the sharks and the people who were in the shark was Deja,Julia,Johna,Dawn. We had to do some activities with Mr Burton and Miss Oldfield Mr Burton was with sharks and Miss Oldfield was with the dolphins sharks were running back and forward in the pool. Dolphins were having a challenge who could Ly on their back on After doing the activities we had 1 minute free time after us was room 8 they were swimming after us.


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