Monday, May 23, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day

On a hot puffing Friday it was St Patrick's day. Room 6 had to line up out side next to room7 so when we sit down our soul friends come and sat down next to us. Room6 was so noisy and Miss Pole told us to be quiet so we could be the best two classes. We waited for our soul friends, I was just whispering to my soul friend to be good in the church. When we finished lining up we went into the church and sat on the chair until it started. The song came on and father came up with the altar servers then room 1 all the way to room7 were singing the song ‘Oh little shamrock, Patrick’s shamrock’. Some people were talking in church and they had to make Miss Oldfield come around and say to be quiet. When we finished singing it was nearly blessing time, then someone came up with the cross and the bread and wine and they keep on going until they got up to the alter and gave it to Father Iosefa and the people that helps him. When father got it they went to bless the bread and wine so when the people drink it and eat it they will be blessed. When it was blessing time we all got blessed. When we finished our final song came on and Father and his helpers walked out side. We came and lined up and went inside the classroom, but Mr Gaffney forgot half of the class inside the church so Miss Oldfield went and walked them back to class and she told Mr Gaffney that he forgot some of his class in the church and then he started to laugh with his class. He said “sorry about that and thank you for bringing them back”, and then Miss Oldfield came and brang us back to class and did some work. Whiling we were doing work the bell rang for morning tea time and then Miss Oldfield said to go and get our lunch and sit outside with it.

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